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Monday, September 26, 2016

Going Galvanized out on My Fall Porch

Hello my friends, my advice to you today is:
Don't kick the bucket. . .plant it!!  :)
Ha, ha, aren't I just so funny? 
I have always loved anything galvanized so this year I decided to embrace my love and go 'all galvanized' out on my fall porch.

I rolled my chippy filing cabinet out and plopped a couple of pumpkins on top.  Then I tucked a mum, (a gift from a friend) into one of the drawers. 

Sticking with my 'galvanized' theme I hung an old bucket that has a hook on the back off of another drawer.  I think it must be for picking fruit.  It hangs perfectly over the step of a ladder.  Isn't the orange stripe perfect for fall?
* just a little update:  an anonymous comment let me know that my bucket was probably for feeding calves and would have hung over a fence.  They wondered what the words on the front said.  After further inspection I saw that is says, "calfeteria".  the word calf should have been a dead give away.  lol!  Can you believe I have had this bucket for 3 years and never noticed that before? 

I bought this aqua pulley while vacationing in OR.  I just fell in love with the color.  Hubby hung it from the porch and we added an old minnow and 'galvanized' coal bucket.

They are planted with a mum and sedums.

I bought this, (what I thought to be) an oil can a while ago.  Recently I found out from my friend, Joyce; that it is a cream separator.  I filled it with roadside and garden foliage and planned on setting it on my fireplace hearth.  It was too large so it ended up outside.  Perfect because it is, YUP, you guessed it, "galvanized".

Two wash buckets were filled with ornamental cabbage
and flowers.

Here you can see them both hanging.  Notice the pumpkin on the rusty lamp stand?  Just starting to give him a 'steampunk' look.

I filled a wash tub with pumpkins and a gourd.  My friend, Shirley just gave me the stitchery that she said, "didn't match her style", and I set it inside.

Cornstalks and two of my old leaf rakes are tucked behind.

My urns were still doing well so I left them on the porch.  Darn, too bad they aren't "galvanized".  lol!

My friend, Ann gifted me this galvanized tiered tray a few years ago.  I have so much fun with it, but this is the first time I've used it outside.

Look at these unusual acorns I got from a roadside stand.  Never seen caps like this before.

To carry the 'galvanized' theme into the garden I filled my chippy ladder with pumpkins and added a large planted 'galvanized' bucket at the base. 

And there you have it, My 'galvanized' fall porch.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Officially Fall. . .

Well my friends, it is now officially fall.

Here in Utah it has arrived with rain and definitely fall like temperatures.  Actually at times it's darn right cold.  :)  But according to our ever knowing weatherman, warm weather will return next week.
Last Sunday we got out of church early so hubby, our daughter; Kylee, and I headed up American Fork canyon to see what fall beauty it had to offer.

It certainly did not disappoint!

Although I was totally blinded by the sun and could not see what I was shooting, I could not resist this shot of the gorgeous sunshine!


I snapped this photo of Kylee admiring our gorgeous mountains.

Then she took this one of hubby and I.

We walked across the road and hiked a ways up Pine Hollow trail.  These tokens from nature were scattered everywhere along the way.

I loved this brilliant bush and dubbed it as 'fire on the mountain' on facebook.

I'm sure that the heavy rains have stripped a lot of the trees by now.

So glad that we took the time to enjoy God's gift of fall in our beautiful mountains!


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Share Your Cup #216

Hello and welcome to Share Your Cup, (SYC for short).  The party where you share what makes you happy.
It's what your hosts call, 'filling your cup'.
If this is your first time here, so glad to have you!  And a big thanks to those of you who are so sweet to link up on a regular basis.  YOU make this party great!
Each week we share a bit of what your hosts have been up to.
Jo has taken the month of September off while she is recovering from surgery.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!  If you have a minute I know she would love for you to pop
over and say 'hi'!
After 14 months of planning her 50th high school reunion in San Clemente, Carol is back home (without a voice) and ready to get back to blogging.


I shared my love for pirimitive in a Primitive Style Fall Mantle
and tried my hand at being a 'minimalist' in creating a Simplified Fall Table
Now the features from SYC #215:
I absolutely adore the Tomato signs made by Connie from
Crafty Home Cottage  Perfect addition to her kitchen!
Lori from Dining Delight shared her beautiful fall mantle.  The whole room is so warm and cozy!

How creative is this pinecone sunflower wreath made by Donna of
Cecilia from My Thrift Store Addiction made this fun scarecrow out of a plastic pumpkin and a milkcan.  Isn't he so whimsical?
Lulu's Musings shared the gorgeous hydrangeas she plucked from her garden for a tablescape.
Mary from Spreading Good Tastes shared the recipe for her cabbage roll in a bowl soup.  Yum!  I love cabbage and it's the perfect meal for fall!
Thanks so much for sharing and please grab our button if you were featured.
Can't wait to see what you have to share this week!


Monday, September 19, 2016

Simplified Fall Table. . .

Well my friends, I'll be the first to admit that the words simplify and Mrs. Olson don't  really go together.  :)
In fact,
I'm pretty sure that if you look up the word 'simplify' in the good ol Webster dictionary it would state:
something Jann Olson does not know how to do.  lol!
Whether it's a party or decorating, my motto has always been,
"the more the merrier".

However, I think I managed to simplify my fall table more than I have ever done before.
It started with the plaid Pendleton blanket I bought on vacation last year.

Then I added a large wooden rice bowl I found at a thrift shop a couple years ago.

I tossed in some wooden pumpkins, a rustic acorn, and a sheath of wheat.

all tucked in around a bouquet of faux sunflowers.  A friend gifted them to me years ago for my birthday and I love pulling them out every fall.

See, really very simple.  No plates set on the table.
I couldn't resist however, adding just a few under a cloche to hold my cute little squirrel S&P shakers.

and a fun fall snack.

Quite a few years ago I bought a sign that said, 'simplify'.  I displayed it for a short time, but eventually had to get rid of it. 
I felt like a hypocrite.  :)
Tried, but no success!!  (wink)
Maybe it would have worked on this table.
Are you a minimalist, or the more the merrier kind of person?